The Top 11 Richest TikTok Stars | Top Tiktokers Networth 2022

In 2017, there was no shortage of viral video apps — Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. But one of the most popular ones was TikTok, which launched in 2016. TikTok lets you record short videos, add music, and even edit them together into longer clips. While it doesn’t have the same name recognition as some of those other platforms, it’s still quite popular. In fact, according to Statista, there are now over 300 million monthly active users worldwide. And while some of those users might just be teenagers sharing silly dance moves, others are making money off of their popularity. Here are the richest TikTok Stars and their Net worth.

 1, Kaira Choe

Net worth: $4.5 million

kaira CHoe Tiktok
kaira CHoe Tiktok

Kaira Choe is a singer/songwriter best known for her hit single “Gangnam Style.” She’s been working hard since she was 16, releasing three albums and touring around the world. Her latest album, “Kaira,” came out earlier this month.

2. Kevin Hart

Net worth: $3.5 million

Kevin Hart Net worth
Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Hart is an actor, comedian, producer, director, writer, and philanthropist. He’s starred in movies like “Think Like A Man Too,” “Get Hard,” and “Ride Along 2.” His comedy specials include “I’m Still Not Getting Over It,” “Let Me Explain,” and “Father Of All Motherf*ckers.”

3. Li Wenliang

Li Wenliang is a 34-year-old ophthalmologist in Wuhan, Hubei province. He died early February 2020 due to complications from Covid-19. Before he became infected, Li had already amassed over 3.5 million followers on his account. His videos often feature him singing along to pop hits like “Despacito.” In January 2020, he earned about $2.3 million from advertising revenue alone.

4. Zeng Fanzhi

Zeng Fanzhi is a 26-year-old singer and dancer. She lives in Beijing and has over 2.7 million followers. Her biggest hit was “I’m Not Afraid,” a song she sang alongside her friend Yang Peiyu. In January 2020, she earned roughly $4.8 million from advertising revenue.

5. Zhang Yiming

Zhang Yiming is a 24-year-old model and actress based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. She has nearly 4.6 million followers on Instagram. Her best-known video is titled “The Best Moment of My Life,” where she dances in front of a mirror wearing a black dress and red lipstick. In January 2020, Zhang earned about $9.4 million from advertising revenue. She recently signed a contract with a modeling agency in Shanghai.TikTok Influencers

There are thousands of influencers on TikTok who make money off of it. And some of those influencers are still teenagers, according to Business Insider. They earn up to $1 million per video.

6. Charli D’Amelio

Charli d'Amelio Tiktok
Charli d’Amelio Tiktok

Charli D’Amelio is a 21-year-old YouTuber who makes videos about her life and travels around Australia. In 2017 she posted a video titled “How I Became A Millionaire,” where she revealed how she earned $1 million in one month while living off of her savings. After making money online, she began traveling the world. She now lives in Sydney, Australia.

In 2018, she launched a YouTube channel called “The Traveling Yogi.” On it, she posts videos of yoga poses, meditation sessions, and travel tips. She also uploads vlogs every week. Some of her most popular videos include “A Day in the Life of a Yoga Teacher,” “Why I Love Being a Yogi,” “Yoga Poses for Anxiety,” and “My Favorite Places To Practice Yoga.”

She has been named among Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list twice, and was nominated for Young Australian of the Year in 2016.

7. Addison Rae

Addison Rae Tiktok
Addison Rae Tiktok

Addison Rae is a Canadian YouTuber who rose to fame in 2017 after she posted videos of herself dancing to songs like Drake’s “Nice For What” and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” Her popularity grew quickly, and soon people began posting her dance videos on TikTok — a short video app similar to Vine. By 2018, she had become one of the most popular dancers on the platform. In January 2019, she announced that she had signed a deal with Universal Music Group.

In February 2019, she launched her YouTube channel, where she continues to upload videos of herself dancing to different songs. As of May 2019, she had amassed nearly 5 million followers on YouTube.

8. Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie D'Amelio Tiktok
Dixie D’Amelio Tiktok

Dixie D’Amelios are the perfect blend of beauty and brains. They’re smart enough to know what you want without being pushy, and beautiful enough to make you feel good about yourself. And now, thanks to the power of social media, you can find one near you.

The best part is, it doesn’t matter where you live, because we’ve found 4 Dixies for every city across America. So whether you’re looking for a Dixie in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia,

9. Zach King

Zack King magic
Zack King magic

Zach King is a YouTube star based out of Los Angeles. His channel contains over 3 million subscribers and he has amassed millions of views across his videos.

He has been featured on major news outlets including CNN, Fox News, NBC, ABC, BBC, Buzzfeed, Mashable and many others.

In addition to being a YouTuber, he is also a full-time student studying Business Management at USC.

His main focus is comedy and he often uses humor to make points about current events.

10. Spencer Polanco Knight

Spencer Polanco Knight is a music producer based in New York City. He began his career working as a DJ under the name “Spence D.” In 2013 he founded a record label called “The Good Life Recordings,” where he releases underground hip hop tracks. He is most known for producing songs for artists such as Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, and Kanye West.

Knight grew up in Brooklyn, NY and attended college at Bard College. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. While there, he worked as a freelance writer for MTV News, Complex Magazine, and Noisey. He eventually became a regular contributor to Noisey, writing about hip hop culture and current events.

In 2016, he launched his YouTube channel, “Spencer Knight Music,” where he posts videos documenting his life and work in music. He uses the channel to release free mixtapes and talk about issues related to race, class, gender, and politics.

He has been nominated for three Grammy Awards, including Best Urban Contemporary Album for his album “Coloring Book”.

11. Kimberly Loaiza

Kimberly Loaiza is a beauty vlogger who lives in Mexico. She has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram and her videos are viewed almost 4 billion times each month. In 2018 she became one of the most popular beauty YouTubers in the world.


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