The campus of the University of Oklahoma has been declared secure following a report of an “active shooter”.

According to officials, police responded to a report of an active shooter at the University of Oklahoma on Friday night but found no evidence of a shooting or any injuries.

During a press briefing, University of Oklahoma Police Chief Nate Tarver stated that the incident was most likely a hoax call.

At approximately 9:24 p.m., authorities received a call reporting gunshots at the library on the university’s Norman campus, which prompted an emergency alert to be sent out.

In a tweet, the university advised everyone to “Run. Hide. Fight!” as they believed an active shooter was on the Van Vleet Oval.

Almost 90 minutes after the initial alert, the university tweeted that there was no longer a threat and issued an all-clear message.

The university’s Director of Media Relations, April Sandefer, said it is unclear whether the report was a hoax or if someone heard a sound that they mistook for gunshots. Sandefer added that the campus video footage would be reviewed to investigate the situation further.

he University of Oklahoma’s campus in the city of Norman is secure and there is no threat to the community, officials said nearly 90 minutes after the school alerted that an active shooter was present on Friday.

Oklahoma State Highway Patrol Trooper Eric Foster confirmed to CNN the campus is safe and that no injuries were reported. University police also issued an “all clear” alert.

“After a thorough search, no threat was found. There is no threat to campus. Alert has been canceled,” the university said on Twitter at 10:53 p.m. CT Friday.

Oklahoma University Shooter
Oklahoma University Shooter

According to Tarver, some confetti was discovered at the scene, similar to that used in party poppers, but the police were unable to determine if it was related to the reported incident.

Video footage captured by NBC affiliate KFOR in Oklahoma City showed a significant police presence, including ambulances, while helicopter news coverage from CBS station KWTV displayed what appeared to be a massive police response.

More than 100 police officers and other first responders from various departments reacted to the incident at the University.

This incident occurred almost two weeks after a shooting at a school in Nashville, Tennessee, where three children and three adults were killed, and almost two months after a gunman killed three students at Michigan State University.

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