Ted Lasso Season 3 gets first look and release date update

We are thrilled to finally receive an update on the release of Ted Lasso season 3. The popular Apple TV Plus series was not released in 2022, leaving fans wondering when it would be available. However, it has now been announced that the third season will premiere in the spring of 2023. While this is not a specific release date, it gives us a time frame to look forward to. Additionally, with the spring season approaching quickly, it’s not as far away as it may seem.

In addition to the release window for Ted Lasso season 3, Apple TV Plus has also released a teaser image for the upcoming season. The image shows the main characters Coach Lasso and Nathan Shelley in an elevator, with Coach Lasso wearing his signature smiling expression, while Nathan appears less friendly.

The teaser image also includes a background appearance of Rupert Mannion, the former owner of AFC Richmond, who serves as the primary antagonist of the show. Additionally, the image includes a logo for the West Ham United soccer club, indicating that the scene takes place at their training facility. Although the release window is not specific and the teaser image is the only update on the show since it was confirmed in October 2020, it has created excitement among fans.

Ted Lasso is widely recognized as one of the best TV shows on Apple TV Plus and even managed to win over the speaker who initially resisted it.

Ted Lasso Season 3
Ted Lasso Season 3

The teaser image suggests that the main conflict of season 3 will be the confrontation between Nate and Coach Lasso. In the season 2 finale, Nate left AFC Richmond after feeling betrayed by Lasso and joined West Ham United. However, Coach Lasso’s smiling face in the image suggests that he may not harbor any ill will towards Nate.

The teaser image features a quote from Coach Lasso saying “time to win the whole f***ing thing”, which suggests that the team will be striving to win the Premier League in the upcoming season.

It is uncertain which teams will be their main competitors, but in previous seasons, real-world soccer clubs such as Man City were featured, and it’s likely that West Ham, now coached by Nate, will also be involved. It’s possible that historic teams like Manchester United or Liverpool may also be included.

We will have to wait until the Spring, or until the release of the first trailer for Ted Lasso season 3, for more information. Fans are hoping for an early Spring premiere for the show’s return.