Strong Earthquake in Turkey recorded to be greater than 7.5

According to the data of the European Seismological Center, an earthquake centered in Gaziantep came. The earthquake was felt in many big cities such as Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, Nevşehir, Kayseri, Ankara, Adana and Hatay. The time of the earthquake was recorded at 04:17 at a depth of 7 kilometers, with a magnitude of 7.7. After the first earthquake, at 04:26, a second Gaziantep-centered earthquake was recorded with a magnitude of 6.4. Turkey has declared a level 4 alarm and declared that aid from neighboring countries will be accepted. As of 14.40 in the earthquake, the number of our citizens who lost their lives increased to 3,549. In addition, a state of emergency was declared for 3 months in the earthquake area.

State of Emergency Declared in EARTHQUAKE REGION

Emergency Alert for Turkey Earthquacke
Emergency Alert for Turkey Earthquacke

While President Erdoğan announced that 3,549 of our citizens have lost their lives so far, 10 provinces in the earthquake zone were declared as disaster zones and declared that a state of emergency would be applied in these provinces for a period of 3 months.

66 additional prosecutors, 23 in Kahramanmaraş, 22 in Adıyaman and 21 in Hatay, were appointed from the prosecutors working in other provinces of the HSK, by the order of the Minister of Justice and HSK President Bekir Bozdağ.


In a written statement made by the Ministry, “e-Mobilization has been initiated under the auspices of our ministry in order to support our citizens who were harmed by the earthquake disaster that took place in our country and whose epicenter was Kahramanmaraş. and logistics operators will participate.


In the written statement made by the Ministry, it was stated that everyone, especially the government institutions, is working hard to meet the urgent needs of the citizens affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake, “On the other hand, our ministry has started country-wide inspections against the allegations that there was an exorbitant price increase in the prices of emergency supplies during this sad event. E-commerce marketplaces were also warned to take the necessary precautions.

In this context, our ministry closely monitors all kinds of opportunistic activities aimed at abusing the victimization of our citizens affected by the earthquake, while our state and our nation are united by showing a great example of solidarity in this extraordinary period we live in. “No citizen should have any doubt that our ministry will impose the heaviest administrative sanctions against those who engage in such opportunistic acts,” it said.

Turkey Earthquck 2023 was Drastic

The earthquake affected 13.5 million people, there are 581 destroyed buildings in Gaziantep, and the loss of life was 468. Earthquake in Gaziantep Central Şehitkamil and Şahinbey districts. In Islahiye, our governors of Batman and Bingöl were appointed. In Nurdağı, our governors of Şırnak, Mardin and Amasya were appointed.

Due to the partial collapses on the highway, we provided our transportation from the D400 highway in a controlled manner yesterday. As much as possible, we ask our citizens to avoid traffic on the D400 highway on the Osmaniye-Gaziantep highway as long as possible, and to give priority to our teams if necessary. Hopefully, as a result of the intensive monitoring of our damages on our highway for 24 hours, both our highways and our metropolitan municipality, I hope we will open it in half an hour, and with the opening of this road, we will accelerate the aid process to both Maraş, Kilis and Şanlıurfa in the whole region.

Throughout Gaziantep, water could not be supplied in the center and in the districts due to power cuts in some regions and damage to water intake tanks in some places. Thanks to the intensive work, I hope that partial water supply will begin in our districts.

Our Islahiye State Hospital, which was most affected by the earthquake, continues its service. A total of 5 field tents were set up in Islahiye and Nurdağı, and emergency aid services are provided in these tents.

There were problems with communication yesterday, we sent our mobile base stations to the region, partial calls can be made with both Nurdağı and Islahiye. Hopefully, within 2 hours, we will provide the communication problem here and the internet access that will facilitate the communication of our teams.

The temporary accommodation needs of our citizens are met with our social facilities, sports halls and neighborhood mansions in the center of Gaziantep. The shipment of an additional 10 thousand tents continues, and once they arrive, they will be installed in the areas we have determined. Again, the shipment of 1000 containers to the region started.

The shipment of our construction machines to the region was made intensively and continues to be done.

There were 201 aftershocks , we experienced aftershocks with an intensity of more than 6. For example, we experienced 6.2-6.6 earthquakes in Elazig-Malatya and we are experiencing the highest aftershocks of these earthquakes here. Therefore, our citizens should definitely stay away from damaged buildings.