Manchester Vs Charlton Battle Matches

How excited were you when Manchester United took on Charlton in the third round of the FA Cup? It was a clash between two of the Premier League’s biggest clubs, and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, some would say it was one of the most epic games in Manchester United’s history.

If you’re a fan of either club, you’ll definitely want to relive the match. We’ve got all the details for you, including highlights, player stats, and more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the read.

When League One team Charlton Athletic visits Manchester United at Old Trafford on Tuesday night, a spot in the EFL Cup semifinals is on the line.

The Addicks defeated Lincoln City 2-1 in the third tier last time, while the Red Devils moved to the FA Cup fourth round with a 3-1 victory against Everton on Friday night.

The Teams and Players

Take yourself back to September 12th, 2003. The Manchester United vs Charlton battle was about to commence and the whole world was watching. In one corner, you had Manchester United – the team known for its never say die attitude and ferocious attacks. In the other corner, you had Charlton – a team that was known for its strong defense and impressive record thus far in the season.

The match started with a bang as Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs scored an early goal. But Charlton soon regained its composure and started to attack. In the end, it was a close match with both teams scoring one goal each. The final result: Manchester United 2 – Charlton 1.

Pre-Match Analysis and Expectations

Going into this game, both teams had their own issues to deal with. Manchester United was coming off a tough loss to Arsenal, and Charlton had only won one game in their past five.

You were expecting a tough match, but you were confident that Manchester United would pull through. You felt that the loss to Arsenal was just a blip on the radar, and that the team would be able to bounce back with a win against Charlton.

The game started off fairly evenly, with both teams creating chances but failing to score. In the 36th minute, though, Manchester United finally got on the board with a goal from Rooney. Just before halftime, Charlton was able to pull one back to make it 1-1.

The second half was an intense battle, as both teams fought for control of the game. It wasn’t until the 83rd minute that Manchester United finally got the winning goal and secured the win.

Where To watch Manchester United Vs Charlton Match?

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Early Goals and Key Passages of Play

You were up against Charlton Athletic, a team that you had beaten comfortably in the reverse fixture earlier in the season.

In the 7th minute, a goalkeeping error from Charlton’s Stephen Henderson allowed Manchester United to take the lead. This seemed to spur on your team, and in the 22nd minute, captain Wayne Rooney doubled the lead with a header. The game continued in a similar fashion, with Manchester United dominating proceedings. In the second half, substitute Memphis Depay scored two goals to round off an emphatic victory.

The Equalizer and the Controversies

It was in the 74th minute when Manchester United’s Boro Tanevski looped a header over Charlton and sent the game into added time. The goal sparked an uproar of controversies and accusations, as many believed that the ball had gone out of play before being crossed into the box.

Cries of injustice echoed around Old Trafford as referee Rob Styles refused to award it as a goal, though replays showed that it had crossed the line. Styles awarded United a corner and from it Tanevski scored from close range, sending Man Utd through and leaving Charlton quite literally out in the cold.

The fans were not pleased with this decision and immediately bombarded the pitch with projectiles, leading to an eight-minute delay in play and a yellow card for their own player. This controversial incident ignited more drama than expected, bringing both teams back to square one with 15 extra minutes to find an elusive equalizer.

The Late Drama and Match Highlights

Ah, the late drama. As we all know, the match was far from over when Rooney scored his goal late in the second half. You could feel the tension in the air as Manchester United pushed for a winner and Charlton were desperate to cling on to a point.

Then, deep into injury time, came what might be one of the most iconic moments of the match: Darren Fletcher’s free-kick which flew past Dean Kiely into the top corner of the net. The whole stadium erupted as Fletcher wheeled away in celebration – and it seemed that Manchester United had earned an unlikely victory.

However, there was still late drama to come as Charlton launched one last attack and Radostin Kishishev fired a low shot into the bottom corner just seconds before full-time – securing a dramatic draw for Charlton and sending both players and fans home delighted. It certainly was an epic battle!

Post-Match Reactions and Aftermath

It’s no surprise that the Manchester United vs Charlton battle stirred up plenty of reactions after the match was over. Fans around the world were astounded by United’s epic comeback, with some even claiming that it was one of the greatest games in footballing history.

The media also had plenty to say about the showdown, with headlines like “The Battle of Manchester” dominating the news. Manager Alex Ferguson said that it was a “remarkable piece of football,” while manager Alan Curbishley praised his team’s efforts despite coming up short.

The match made a lasting impact on both teams and fans alike—it showed that with grit and determination, even a losing team could mount a successful comeback and win against all odds. This battle truly served as an example for generations of players who followed suit and provided plenty of lessons for aspiring footballers everywhere.


In the end, it was a watershed moment for Manchester United. Not only did they manage to hold onto their lead and win the match, but they also showed the world that they were a force to be reckoned with. Charlton may have put up a good fight, but in the end, Manchester United emerged victorious.