How Much Do Kickboxers Get Paid?

Kickboxing is one of the most popular combat sports in the world. While it might seem like a relatively easy sport to learn, there are actually a lot of training requirements and skill sets involved. In addition to being physically fit, kickboxers must train extensively in striking techniques, hand speed, footwork, and clinch work. They are often required to spar multiple times a week and compete regularly in local tournaments.

The average salary for a professional kickboxer ranges anywhere from $500-$1000 per fight. This number varies depending on how much experience the athlete has, what level he/she competes at, and whether or not he/she has been signed to a major organization.

Some athletes make millions per year while others struggle to find sponsorships. There are some notable names in the industry such as Giorgio Petrosyan, Don “The Predator” Wilson, and Remy Bonjasky.

1. Skill and record

The amount of money you earn each year depends on how many professional boxing matches you participated in during the previous 12 months. If you fought 10 times, you earned $10,000 per year. But if you fought just one match, you earned $5,000 per year. Your skill level determined how much you earned per bout.

A fighter’s skill level determines his earning potential. A skilled boxer makes more money per match than an unskilled boxer. In fact, a skilled boxer could earn up to $20,000 per fight. An average boxer might earn about $3,500 per fight.

3. Fight location

The UFC is known for putting on some of the biggest fights in the world, and it’s no different when it comes to locations. There are many factors that go into choosing where a fight takes place, including the size of the market, the fan base, and how much revenue the venue brings in.

Fighters should look into different markets to see what type of payouts they could receive. For example, fighters who compete in New York City often make more money than those competing in Las Vegas because there are more fans in NYC. However, the payouts aren’t always equal across the board. A fighter who competes in a small town like Boise, Idaho, could earn less than one who competes in a larger city like Chicago.

When negotiating a contract, a fighter needs to know exactly what he or she is getting paid for each event. If a fighter signs a contract for $100,000 per bout, but the actual payout is only $50,000, then the fighter isn’t making anywhere near his or her full potential.

4. Sponsors

Sponsorship deals can go upwards of $1 million per year. In fact, some athletes are making millions off sponsorships alone. But sponsorship deals aren’t just about money. They can also help build relationships with companies that align with the athletes’ values. And it goes both ways. Brands can learn a lot from athletes. For example, Nike learned how to market to female consumers by partnering with tennis star Serena Williams.

Athletes should focus on building relationships rather than chasing money. If you do want to pursue a lucrative sponsorship deal, make sure that the brand aligns with your values. Don’t sign up for sponsorship because you think it will look good on your resume. Instead, choose a partner based on what you believe in.

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