Canada, UBC Sauder School Of Business MBA Scholarships 2023

MBA scholarships are now available for international students at UBC Sauder School of Business in Canada. The scholarships are open to students pursuing a master’s degree in Business Administration. The scholarships are awarded on a merit basis, with additional criteria such as financial need, leadership potential, academic achievement, and community involvement. The deadline for the scholarship is March 14, 2023.

A range of scholarships is available, including the Early Entrance Scholarship, the Hoegg Family MBA Scholarship, the Hari Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship, the Madhu Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship, the Dean’s Entrance Scholarship, the International Talent Scholarships, the Michael & Sonja Koerner Indigenous Fellowship, the Dean’s Excellence in Diversity Award, and the Ray Kruck & Jennifer Vancini Entrance Award in Climate Action Leadership.

The UBC Sauder School of Business is a top-ranked business school in Canada located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in business, management, and entrepreneurship. The school is renowned for its sustainability and ethics focus, with courses on responsible business practices, environmental management, and social entrepreneurship. UBC Sauder is also known for its research in areas such as innovation, technology management, and finance.

Students at UBC Sauder can benefit from extracurricular activities and resources such as career services, student clubs and organizations, and opportunities to participate in case competitions and study abroad programs. The school is highly regarded for its academic excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

Studying As An International Student in Canada

Experiencing Canada’s education system as an international student can be a rewarding endeavor. Canadian universities offer top-notch education, with countless research and experiential learning opportunities. In addition to this, international students may be able to work part-time while studying and apply for a post-graduation work permit, which allows them to gain Canadian work experience. However, it’s crucial to consider the financial implications of studying in Canada, such as tuition fees, living expenses, and healthcare costs.

The Canada, UBC Sauder School of Business MBA Scholarships 2023 is designed to support individuals pursuing a Master’s degree at the UBC Sauder School of Business. The scholarship program focuses on Business Administration.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship benefits are usually disbursed according to the payment schedule mentioned below:

  • Scholarships under $1,000: Paid out in full during one term.
  • Scholarships between $1,000 and $5,999: Paid out in two equal installments over two terms.
  • Scholarships of $6,000 or more: Paid out over the three terms of the year, with 33.3% of the total amount paid in September, January, and May, respectively.

International students are eligible to apply for these scholarships. To be considered for the scholarships, you must meet the merit requirements and submit your application

Application Procedure:

To apply click here

by the UBC MBA application deadlines provided below. All applicants are automatically considered for the scholarships upon application submission, so it is recommended that you apply as early as possible.