Aamir Khan Net Worth 2022: Biography Career Income Salary

Aamir Khan is an Indian actor, director, and producer with a $235 million USD net worth (Rs.1862 Crore). In spite of the fact that Bollywood releases over 1000 films a year, just one of them is consistently a huge hit thanks to Mr. Aamir Khan. His admirers also refer to him as “Mr. Perfectionist.” In the Bolly Wood film industry,

Mr. Aamir Khan works as an actor, producer, director, and writer. Serena Williams and Sachin Tendulkar’s net worth information is also available. This article contains information about Aamir Khan’s net worth, biography, wife, age, height, weight, and a variety of other factors.

Aamir Khan Early Life

Aamir Khan, sometimes known as Muhammad Aamir Hussain Khan, is an Indian actor, producer, and director. He was born on March 14, 1965. Khan has made a name for himself in Indian cinema as one of the most well-liked and significant performers thanks to his work in Hindi films. He has won numerous honors, including eight Filmfare Awards and four National Film Awards. In 2003 and 2010, the Indian government presented him with the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards, respectively.

We’ll talk about Aamir’s occupation, money, and net worth in this article as they relate to his career to this point.

First NameAamir
Last NameKhan
Hindi Nameआमिर खान
ProfessionIndian actor
Age56 years old (2022)
Official Twitter HandelTwitter
Birth Date14 March 1965
Height:1.63 m
Birth PlaceMumbai
Spouse:Kiran Rao (m. 2005), Reena Dutta (m. 1986–2002)
Estimated Net Worth in 20221862 Crore INR
Estimated Annual Salary120 Crore

Aamir khan First Movie

Aamir Khan First Movie
Aamir khan First Movie

Aamir received two years of stagehand experience with the theatre company Avantar. Aamir’s first significant box office success was “Qayamat se Qayamat tak,” for which he worked as a member of the publicity team and put movie posters on buildings, buses, and even cars. He went out and told others that he is the movie’s hero.

Aamir Khan Films Career

Aamir Khan films consistently score high reviews and do exceptionally well at the box office. In 2016, he launched his most recent film, Dangal, which ended up grossing almost 2000 crores globally. Aamir is setting the standard with his earnings and net worth because of his enormous popularity.

After 15 years of marriage, actor Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao announced their separation in a joint statement.

Aamir was the initial option for a number of films, including Swades, Hum aapke hai kaun, etc., which later went to other actors and are currently huge hits.

We would like to start a new chapter in our lives, no longer as husband and wife but as co-parents and a family, the couple added.

Aamir Khan Net Worth

NameAamir Khan
Net Worth (2022)$235 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees1862 Crore INR
Monthly Income And Salary10 Crore +
Yearly Income$16 Million+ (120 Crore)
Last Updated2022

According to estimates, Mr. Aamir Khan is worth roughly $235 million overall, or 1862 crores INR in Indian rupees. Aamir Khan receives the profit share in addition to his performance salary because he produces the majority of his films.

He receives about 85 crores INR in movie royalties on average. Aamir also promotes a number of products, charging between 10 and 12 crores for every endorsement. Aamir consistently ranks first when it comes to giving, charity, and social action because of his enormous earnings and success. Mr. Khan ranks among the top taxpayers in the nation when it comes to paying taxes as well.

Here are the insights into his earnings in recent years:

2021Rs. 145 crores
2020Rs. 140 crores
2019Rs. 145 crores
2018Rs. 135 crores
2017Rs. 130 crores
2016Rs. 110 crores
2015Rs. 135 crores
2014Rs 105 crores
2013Rs  112 crores

The difference between an entity’s assets and liabilities is essentially its net worth. It simply refers to a person’s creditworthiness!

Aamir Khan House

Mr. Aamir Khan owns a lavish home in one of Mumbai, India’s affluent neighborhoods that he purchased in 2009 and is worth Rs. 18 crores. Additionally, he owns numerous pieces of real estate all around the nation.

Brands that Aamir Khan Uses

India’s highest-paid actor is Aamir Khan. In addition to endorsing numerous brands, he uses products from well-known companies. The products used by Aamir Khan are given in the table below –

Face wash for faceLancome Face Wash
Face wash for eyesMene & Moy
PerfumeGucci Rush
Face CreamMakari Classic Night Treatment Skin Cream
Beard Shampoo Wash and
Comfy Mate
Hair oilCoconut

Aamir Khan Diet Plan:

Breakfast/morning: Low-fat milk and four eggs.

Lunch consists of five chapatis, grilled veggies, protein, and salad.

Dinner consists of two egg whites, chicken or fish, and soup for Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan Cars

Aamir khan Cars Collection
Aamir khan Cars Collection

Totaling nine high-end vehicles, Aamir’s collection is thought to be worth about 15 crores. Aamir owns a variety of car manufacturers. Here is a list of Aamir Khan Cars List.

  • Rolls Royce
  • Mercedes Benz Maybach S600
  • Ford
  • BMW 6-series GT

Dependency of Aamir Khan’s Net Worth:

The success of the movie has a major impact on actors and filmmakers. Aamir’s movies consistently earn a tonne of money and have great substance. Aamir has made significant real estate investments in addition to his work as a film producer. Given his recent success and record-breaking accomplishments, we have every reason to believe that his net worth will continue to increase over time.

Aamir Khan Favorite Sport

Lawn tennis was a highly passionate sport for Aamir Khan. Even at several state championships for lawn tennis, he represented his school.

Aamir Khan had a strong enthusiasm for playing lawn tennis. He represented his school even at a few state lawn tennis championships.

Aamir was originally considered for a number of movies, such as Swades, Hum aapke hai kaun, etc., but other actors were eventually cast in these films, which are now great successes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Aamir Khan?

Aamir Khan’s total net worth is around $235 million (Rs. 1862 Crores)

What is the real age of Aamir Khan?

Currently, Aamir Khan is 56 years old (14 March 1965).

What is the Salary of Aamir Khan?

Aamir Khan earns an estimated salary of Rs 120 Crore Per Year.

What is Aamir Khan Height?

The Height of Aamir Khan is 1.63 M (5′ 3”).

What is the name of Aamir Khan Wife?

Aamir Khan Wife’s name is Kiran Rao (m. 2005-2021), Reena Dutta (m. 1986–2002)

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